Weddings are my Passion

As owner and primary photographer for S. Kay Photography, I strive to capture every memorable moment of your special day and promise to provide you with pictures that will leave you speechless! Whether your wedding is traditional or not so traditional, your personality will shine through. With the help of my unique eye and creative visions my pictures will tell the story of your unforgettable day for years to come!

What Inspires Me

My name is Stephany and I started S. Kay Photography in 2009. I've always loved taking pictures and have admired unique and artistic photos that have been put in front of me. However, it wasn't until high school when I realized the passion and art behind it all. The first photo I captured and developed that made me think twice about photography was in my senior year. That photo sparked my desire to continually learn, grow, and become a professional photographer. Photography is not a hobby, it is my career; and my goal is to create unforgettable memories that will inspire you!

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